About Us

We are a small, independent, veteran owned clothing brand, in love with dogs and dog sports. We are amateur photographers, seasoned dog trainers, and most importantly, dog lovers. You can always catch us cheering at the local dog sporting events here in Houston.

League of Nine LLC was created with two goals in mind, to produce high quality and functional products, and to support people who compete in dog sport. Coming from a sport/working dog training background, we know the level of abuse things can be put through, from every day street-wear, to training gear. It is our aim to provide a level of quality in our products to handle this type of wear and tear, while looking good doing it.

Products aside, it is very important for us to give back to the sports we're involved in, to help grow their popularity. We want to help develop up and coming athletes to promote these sports and push their limits. The people, dogs, sport organizations, and much more are what makes these sports what they are, and we promise to do our part to spread the word.

We understand every level of involvement, from enthusiast to professional…so we have you covered at League of Nine. 

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like what you see.